Mobile naughty chat

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The secret photo option also allows you to send a snap that will automatically disappear after a set amount of time, a la Snapchat.

One unusual feature unique to Couple is Thumb Kiss, a feature which makes both phones vibrate simultaneously when touched in the same spot.

Keep track of the totals and see who’s been naughty and nice at the end of the month.

Because if there’s one thing central to a healthy relationship, it’s monetizing kindness into a worthless digital currency to hold over your partner’s head. Download now from: i Tunes Suggesting new things to spice up the romance can be awkward.

It does keep an archive of your relationship, however, and sports a minimalist UI that’s pretty attractive on both smartphones and tablets.You can chat and share photos privately, send love letters, create a relationship story, and sync your calendar for important dates.The “Wishbox” is a nice idea that enables you to sync to-do lists and find good ideas on what to do together.Thankfully, there are plenty of apps on the market specifically designed to help strengthen our romantic relationships.Some assist you with synchronizing time slots and planning date nights, while others propose ideas to spice up the romance. You won’t be surprised to find that this free relationship app allows you to privately share texts, voice messages, and photos, but it does have a few unusual features.

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