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Women should be aware that there is a possibility that an IUD could fell out of the uterus.

Usually 7 out of a hundred women using this form of contraception experience the expulsion of an intrauterine device within the first year or the first month after insertion of an IUD .

In addition it provides continuous protection from pregnancy for five or twelve years, depending on the type of a device.

Another complication that is rather rare but still can occur is an infection since normal bacteria of the vagina can get into the uterus during insertion of an IUD and cause a uterine infection.

And finally another condition that needs additional attention is an IUD and pregnancy.

If a woman becomes pregnant with a uterine device present in her uterus there is a higher risk for ectopic pregnancy or miscarriage, inflammatory pelvic disease and preterm labor.

It is claimed to have the efficiency of 99% if used within five days of vaginal intercourse.

As with all methods of contraception there are a few side effects and complications associated with the use of an intrauterine device.

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